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Risk intelligence: Securitas' team drives resilience

Empowering organizational resilience, Securitas’ Risk Intelligence Center (RIC) provides actionable intelligence on the global security and threat landscape.

The RIC’s mission is to raise awareness of potential threats and flashpoints of risk, to empower security-related decision-making.

"We apply years of expertise and insight to combine intelligence with our understanding of security operations, geographies, and other relevant factors," says Michael Evans, director of Securitas' Risk Intelligence Center. "The result is advanced, real-time analysis of threats that have the potential to impact organizations. With accurate, timely, relevant and actionable intelligence, clients can take appropriate action to mitigate threats before they become risks."

The Risk Intelligence Center (RIC) is a global function, headquartered in the UK, comprised of professionals with a breadth of experience working across a wide range of fields within the private and public sectors, including policing, military, and government. The group of seasoned intelligence analysts and officers leverage an all-source intelligence capability, including expert human intelligence and cutting-edge technology for open-source intelligence (OSINT). This approach enables the RIC to direct intelligence efforts to support any customer requirement, leveraging a worldwide network of sources including the global Securitas network, to deliver industry-leading situational awareness, alerting of incidents as they occur and early warning for potential threats, and specific advisory services.

An Overarching Approach to Security Intelligence

As Securitas’ growth trajectory continues, the RIC has expanded its team in order to encompass a broader skillset and background range. The team currently consists of approximately 50% female and 50% male intelligence leaders, analysts, and officers, with a focus on increasing diversity in terms of ethnicity, language skills, and expertise. This approach allows the organization to access insights and local knowledge specific to each market, with a vision to establish follow-the-sun teams in different time zones. The mission is to collect localized intelligence based on market needs while also leveraging the expertise of local sources such as physical security services, the SOC network, account managers, and third-party programs.

RIC’s range of services includes the Intelligence Awareness service (also known as BRONZE), Alerting (SILVER), Advisory (GOLD), and Embedded Analyst engagements (PLATINUM) catering to different client needs. The comprehensive service levels, supported by regular scheduled, and ad hoc reports and insights, help ensure Securitas’ clients receive accurate and on-the-ground information. The intelligence services enable organizations to proactively address challenges while the RIC supports them in navigating threats and risks successfully.

Intelligence: The Foundation for Effective Decision-Making

Michael believes that “intelligence is about decision-making advantage and the confidence to make the right decisions.”

The RIC focuses on both receiving and contributing to the global intelligence network within Securitas, which promotes a continuous flow of data-sharing to enhance the ability to mitigate threats effectively. This raw data is then processed into information, analyzed and interpreted, and transformed into actionable intelligence that can be used to understand threats, anticipate potential risks, and develop effective strategies and countermeasures.

By leveraging Securitas’ intelligence services, organizations can gain a significant advantage in mitigating threats and managing risks, preparing for both internal and external-sourced disruptions, including physical security incidents, emerging risks, emergency situations, insider threats, cybersecurity threats, supply chain disruptions, reputational management, and even geopolitical risks.

Early access to intelligence provides organizations with a valuable opportunity to align these insights with their specific business objectives. This strategic alignment allows them to respond swiftly and effectively, gaining a competitive edge in their industry. By capitalizing on lessons learned from past occurrences, insights from current events, and forecasts on future scenarios, organizations can maximize their decision-making potential, including understanding the most effective courses of action, efficient use of resource, and ultimately return on investment in security. Additionally, the ability to identify new and emerging opportunities that may have otherwise been overlooked opens avenues for growth and innovation.

Ultimately, intelligence plays a pivotal role in empowering businesses to make informed decisions. Equipped with accurate, timely, relevant and actionable intelligence, organizations can confidently navigate the complexities of the global threat and security threat landscape, including those specific to their organization and industry, optimize their operations, and maximize profitability. Moreover, being well-informed enables businesses to adapt swiftly to a constantly changing environment, staying ahead of market trends, technological advancements, and client demands.