Employing and Honoring Veterans

At Securitas USA, we proudly welcome our military heroes back to the workforce. Since 2012, Securitas USA has hired more than 40,000 veterans.

Securitas USA seeks new ways to strengthen our support of veterans and honor their commitment to our country. Veterans are motivated by the same set of values that lead our company and can bring a unique and valuable skill set to Securitas USA.

We are actively seeking applicants with military experience. We appreciate your service, value your skills, and welcome you to apply with us.

Security Skills and Experience

Securitas recognizes that military skill sets and experience closely match up to many security industry jobs because veterans have been well-trained in a structured work setting.


Based on your military experience, are you:

  • Accustomed to performing and making decisions in changing circumstances?
  • Adaptable to various and changing work environments?
  • Structured and disciplined, with an appreciation for companies that emphasize safety, procedures and service excellence?
  • Equipped with crucial skills like problem solving and leadership?

News on Veteran Hiring at Securitas:

Almost 6,000 Veterans Hired in 2018

I am pleased to announce that 2018 was another active year for veteran recruitment, with close to 6,000 veterans hired across Securitas' North American operations. By the end of the year, over 14,000 veterans called Securitas home. Military veterans bring important and complementary skill sets to our company. Securitas is committed to hiring them as part of our organizational development. I'd like to thank these former military men and women for their service, first to their country and now to Securitas and our clients. While some may join us and transition to other opportunities, many stay and build careers with us. We're proud to welcome all of them and appreciate their time with us. I look forward to seeing their many contributions and encourage everyone to remember this talented resource as an option for staffing available positions.

Thank you,

Rod Musser
Executive Vice President, Human Resources


Securitas is proud to be a member of the Veteran Jobs Mission

We’ve been a member of this private-sector collation since 2012, formally known as 100,000 Jobs Mission. Their original goal was to hire 100,000 U.S. military veterans by 2020.  Because the collation has far surpassed that goal, they have changed their name and set their goal to collectively hire a total of one million military veterans—with a strong focus on retention and career development of veterans in the private sector.       

See more: Veteran Jobs Mission

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Veterans Working for Securitas

Many of our security personnel have served our country in the military. We want to take this opportunity to introduce some of them to you and let you know what they are doing today to help Securitas USA meet the needs of the clients where they work.

Chad Hays

Securitas Veteran Chad Hays

Two years ago, a friend referred Chad Hays to the Securitas USA branch in Little Rock, AR, where he started as an Account Manager for a telecommunications company. He is currently a branch manager in Monroe, LA, where he is responsible for multiple accounts in Northern and Central Louisiana.

Hays served in the U.S. Army, 108th Airborne Brigade, 1/56th Air Defense Artillery Intelligence from 1997-2000. Specialist Hays was responsible for support to the logistics function of the unit, as well as detecting and identifying aircraft via satellite and radar. He was stationed at Fort Sill, OK; Fort Bliss, TX; and Panzer Casern in Kaiserslautern, Germany; with temporary duty assignments in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. During his service, he received an Army Service Ribbon, Army Overseas Ribbon, and Army Commendation Medal.

“I was honored to serve and believe it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Throughout my service, I learned both to pay attention to detail and leadership skills,” said Hays. “Those leadership skills continue to help me overcome the day-to-day challenges the security profession often presents. Additionally, my service increased my self-confidence; I know I can do anything I set my mind to.”

Rob Kanthak

Securitas Veteran Rob Kanthak

Rob Kanthak had a varied career in the military which started in 1977 with boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC. There he learned about general orders, rank structure, chain of command, fundamentals of small unit leadership, military history, customs and courtesies, small arms marksmanship, code of conduct, etc. Next was the U. S. Army Military Police Academy, Fort McClellan, AL and then on to the 1st Marine Division as a Military Policeman at Camp Pendleton, CA. “I was immediately assigned to the Fleet Assistance Program at Marine Corps Base, Military Police Battalion, where I worked as a gate sentry/patrolman,” explained Kanthak. “Duties as a military policeman at an installation as large as Camp Pendleton are just like working as a policeman in a metropolitan city.”

In 1981, he was transferred to Marine Corps Development and Education Command in Quantico, VA. There he worked Presidential security details and participated in advanced executive protection, tactical shotgun instructor, and self-defense training with the U.S. Secret Service and the FBI. Then it was onto attending Recruiters’ Course at MCRD in San Diego, CA. “I learned how to sell the Marine Corps, graduated top of class and was awarded choice duty station, so I picked my hometown of Dayton, OH,” said Kanthak. “I served until 1986, creating relationships in the local community and surrounding school districts while recruiting qualified applicants to become Marines.” In 1986, he returned to the Fleet Marine Force, Camp Lejeune, NC to attend the USMC Military Police Academy and as the Base Security Chief for the CG, MCB, and Camp Lejeune.

Kanthak joined Burns International Security as an armed security officer in 1999 and then worked as a Field Service Manager. Today he is a Branch Manager for Securitas USA in Dayton, OH. When asked how his military career helps him today, Kanthak said, “Besides the total security experience and work practices I draw from my military career, the most important thing I rely on daily is taking care of the people I work with and investing the time along the way to listen to them. Honesty!”

Ricky Juliano

Securitas Veteran Ricky Juliano

While Ricky Juliano was working as an armed officer for another company, he had the chance to speak with a Securitas USA officer and ask questions about the company, which is how he became intrigued with Securitas. Today he is working for Securitas USA at Ferring Production Inc. in New Jersey as a Console Operator. His job responsibilities include coordination of patrols, documentation and access control for employees and contractors, and monitoring CCTV cameras throughout the shift.

While a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, he was stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC from 2008 to 2012, where he was a Diesel Mechanic for the HQ Battalion of the 2nd Marine Division. With that unit, he deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. “While being deployed, there were some situations where my chain of command had to leave the deployment early,” explained Juliano. “I was only a Corporal (E-4), but held the duties of the Maintenance Chief for the entire 2nd Marine Division for the entirety of the deployment.” He oversaw the duties and responsibilities of five junior Marines on that combat outpost, the combat readiness for three vehicle convoy detachment teams located distances away from each other in the South Helmand Province of Afghanistan, and was responsible for the overall convoy maintenance budget. Awards and recognition Juliano received while serving included the Afghanistan Campaign Medal (w/ 2 Bronze Service Stars), Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal, and NATO Medal-ISAF Afghanistan.

“Serving in the Marines was a great experience and a great learning tool,” said Juliano. “It helped instill the discipline, courage and mental fortitude that I use on a daily basis today.” When asked how his military career helps him today, Juliano said, “Always remember to do the right thing - even when no one is watching.”

Kathryn (Katie) Knapp

Enlisting in the U.S. Army Reserve as an Environment Health Specialist in 1985, Katie Knapp participated twice in overseas REFORGER exercises. She received her commission in 1988 through OCS. She was an Ordnance Officer (Tank/Automotive Maintenance Management specialty) for 11 years. She deployed to Iraq from 2005-2006. Upon her return, she was accessioned into the Chaplain Corps. She holds the rank of LTC and is assigned to the Office of the Chief of Chaplains in Washington, D.C.

Knapp studied theology at St. Bernard's Institute when the school was affiliated with Colgate Rochester Divinity School. She worked part-time in the library while a student and became acquainted with the security staff. In the fall of 1999, the security supervisor asked her to consider working with the Burns Security staff. Shortly after becoming a Burns security officer, the Burns officers became Pinkerton officers. Another year passed and Securitas acquired Pinkerton, so the same crew became Securitas USA officers. She is currently the site supervisor at Colgate Divinity School. “Working for Securitas at this location has enabled me to continue serving in the Army Reserve because I am able to leave for periods of duty and then return to my same post,” explained Knapp.
When asked about how her military experience helps her today, she replied, “My military experience (and especially my combat experience) has sharpened both my observation skills and my people skills. I am always alert for sounds and visuals that don't seem quite normal." She developed a "command voice" and self-confidence in the Army and finds them both useful when needing to get someone's attention and cooperation. “When someone approaches an officer in uniform, there is an expectation of knowledge, experience, and helpfulness that can instantly be transformed into taking appropriate action in any given situation,” explained Knapp. “Whether I am on duty with the military or as a Securitas officer, the moment I assume the role and responsibilities, I do my best to be a reassuring presence to all who work at or visit the job site.”

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