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Top Security Threats: Newly released report from Securitas

12 May 2021 16:01

PARSIPPANY, N.J. — Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. has just released its biennial report on the Top Security Threats and Management Issues Facing Corporate America. This report outlines and analyzes the most critical physical and operational security concerns as identified in a survey of top security leaders largely from Fortune 1000 companies.

One more way Securitas delivers on its purpose of helping make the world a safer place, the Top Security Threats report helps Securitas clients and the industry get out ahead of potential vulnerabilities. The report is known for enabling corporate security managers and organizations to make data-driven decisions when developing security prevention, response and/or mitigation strategies in the face of changing risks and emerging threats.

“As if a pandemic wasn't enough, our profession was impacted by shifts and ‘variants’ on almost every front,” observed Securitas President and CEO, North America Guarding, Greg Anderson. “From staffing to budgeting to compliance and technology planning, this report provides segment-specific data and insights from industry peers as well as our own experts.”

There has been a shift in areas of concern since the protective services leader released its last report in 2019. For example, not even on the radar in the 2019 report, the COVID-19 global pandemic emerged as the top security concern for 2021. And as an indicator that the pandemic has altered the way organizations plan for large-scale business disruptions, business continuity/organizational resilience recaptured the report’s second-place ranking. Another indicator of the impact of recent events on the security profession: civil unrest made the biggest move, rising from 22nd to a tie for 6th with the threat of active shooter, which slipped from its 2nd place standing in the 2019 report. The latest findings of the biannual study indicate that the top five security threats are:

  1. COVID-19 Pandemic
  2. Business Continuity Planning/Organizational Resilience
  3. Cyber/Communications Security
  4. Workplace Violence Prevention/Response
  5. Employee Selection/Screening/Rescreening (including Insider Threats)

In addition to providing analysis of the most pressing security priorities, the report also contains guest content from trusted thought leaders, including industry principals and Securitas experts. Guest content explores COVID-19 response and recovery perspectives, including how the pandemic accelerated the growth of the remote work model and the impact of that shift on security. Other assessed topics include latest deviations in cyber security, the accelerating evolution of Security Operations Centers (SOCs), and a look at “Project Freedom” – Securitas North America’s multi-year, client-centric technology and business transformation.

“We’ve made it a priority to continue to operationalize intelligence across our organization,” said Securitas Chief Operating Officer, North American Guarding, José Castejon. “Our Top Security Threats report is a prime example of how we turn that intelligence into insights that can have a tangible impact on our clients’ security operations.”

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