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Forecasted Security

Moving from Reactive to Proactive Security Decisions

Forecasted Security: One more way Securitas is leading security’s future.

Securitas has developed a Forecasted Security model that enables proactive, data-driven decisions for your security operations.

With the goal of detecting and acting on crime before it happens, and through the increasing use of intelligent, automated actions for a wide variety of situations, forecasted security will provide a quantum leap in client protection and confidence. Securitas’ leadership in forecasted security is underscored by our unparalleled ability to gather, analyze and utilize large volumes of data from a variety of sources, including smart camera systems, sensors, robots, radar systems and drones.

Key Benefits of Forecasted Security:

  • Advanced analytics allows your local Securitas District Manager to develop and share deep insight on your facility’s security models.
  • Incident-based analysis delivers more definitive recommendations to be made in maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of your security operations services.
  • The value of these insights is further amplified by comparing your site’s security model with statistics and trends in your local geographical area and vertical market.

How can Securitas help you with a solution for your unique security requirements? If looking for employment, click CAREERS at the top of the page to search and apply for Securitas USA jobs.

Female Securitas On-site Guarding security officer.
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