Jayne Jones*

Jayne, an On-site officer working in a metropolitan area hospital, was nominated by her local branch manager for consistently outstanding service.

Jayne's branch manager stated: "Jayne has always made the most of her training and truly cares about the people she protects - she's great with the patients, visitors, and staff. She and her fellow officers face some extra challenges in this post because the area has a high crime rate, but Jayne consistently remains calm under pressure, even when individuals become aggressive."

Jayne overall enjoys her work, but explained that it can be very difficult at times, "Patients come into the ER suffering from a lot of different things and wait times can get very long if we have a lot of people come in at the same time of if the hospital is short-staffed. People start to get frustrated, especially if they're in pain or worried about a family member. It can also be really tough when patients have paranoia from mental illnesses. They sometimes don't realize that everyone is there to help them and get scared - I've had to use my non-violent crisis intervention training a few times. But it is really rewarding to see those same people start to recover over time with the right treatment."

Jayne started working for Securitas in 2015 and was attracted to this position in a healthcare setting because she is currently attending school at night working on her nursing degree. She hopes that this experience working in a hospital setting and the connections she is making with the staff will help when she completes her degree.


*This post does not reflect a real person and is for example purposes only.

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