Food and Facility Safety in a Historic Setting

Manufacturing Facilities Security | The Stauffer Biscuit Co.

Challenge: Addressing modern security needs in a 19th-century factory location.

The Stauffer Biscuit Company has been baking the iconic treat, animal crackers, at their York, Pennsylvania facility since 1871. The multiple-building campus in a residential location makes enclosing the property and therefore controlling access a challenge. Another major concern is complying with FDA food safety regulations and the new food defense guidelines of the Department of Homeland Security.

Securitas was brought in initially as supplemental security and fire watch during a renovation project. As their security solutions developed, Securitas’ approach was in line with Stauffer’s changing needs.


Integrated Guarding would increase employee, facility and equipment security and safety, and help ensure compliance with DHS requirements.

Security at the facility now includes:

  • Remote Guarding: through state-of-the-art cameras positioned throughout the campus, all activity is monitored remotely.
  • Mobile Guarding: patrols from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. multiple times a week and on weekends provide additional security and backup during the overnight shift.
  • SecuritasConnect®: provides an instant snapshot of reports from the latest patrol and the remote monitoring center.


“The system is delivering exactly what we were looking for it to do,” says Jay Goldstein, Stauffer’s Environmental Health and Safety Manager. He reports “an increased level of confidence that, should there be an incident, we would have the ability to react much quicker.”

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