Mobile Patrol Inspections help mitigate risk and secure property

Don’t wait for something to happen; preventative patrol inspections are proactive security measures to deter theft, vandalism and other crime.

Mobile Patrol Inspections are a money-saving solution that allow security guards to check in on your property at random yet regimented times.

Local Securitas management will work with you on-site to develop customized inspection procedures and determine the best patrol timeframe and frequency for your property. All inspections are performed by highly trained, licensed patrol officers operating a marked Securitas patrol vehicle.

Typical duties performed during Patrol Inspections:

  • Exterior inspections
  • Interior inspections
  • Locking/unlocking of premises
  • Lone worker checks

Specialty duties performed during Patrol Inspections:

Real-time Reporting

Securitas Mobile Guarding provides real-time, web-based reporting of all services including patrol inspections, alarm response and employee escorts. Once service is complete all information is client accessible through a secure online portal.

Quality security coverage while maintaining costs.

A commercial property company needed to reduce security expenses while maintaining the same level of quality coverage. 

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