Securitas AB Interim Report January-June 2020

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Interim Report for January to June 2020

Comments from the President and CEO

We had significant negative impact from the corona pandemic in the second quarter. The Group's organic sales growth was –4 percent (5) in the quarter and –1 percent (6) for the first six months. The extraordinary situation of the corona pandemic was reflected in all business segments, with the largest negative impact in Security Services Europe mainly from the rapid decline in the aviation business.

Security solutions and electronic security sales was flat in the second quarter to represent 21 percent of total Group sales, with the installation business within electronic security negatively impacted by the corona pandemic.

The Group’s operating margin was 4.0 percent (5.0) in the second quarter and 3.9 percent (4.9) in the first six months. The decline derived from all business segments, predominantly due to the corona pandemic. The operating margin was supported by cost-saving actions and government grants during the quarter but hampered by increased provisioning. The price and wage balance was on par in the first six months.

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